Jan 7, 2008


As I bask in the glory of 2007, I am shamefully aware that I did not conquer a single resolution that I made last year. I am reminded in Philippians 3:13 to "forget those things which are behind and to press forward to my mark." So, with that in mind, I move into 2008's resolutions. :o) My husband gave a devotional on New Year's resolutions and why they are made. He said, "We make resolutions because we see some type of pattern in our life that we want to change. You never hear someone say 'This year, I'm going to get as fat as I can get' or 'This year I'm going to go into debt.'" Although I have the "get healthy" goals like anyone else, I really want to focus in on one key thing....getting to know God on a deeper level. I read John 5:18 today and was convicted, "Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit." Next year, I want to see more fruit in my life. (I think I only produced a raisin this year.) I want my heavenly Father to be glorified!


DeAnna said...

Ok, a raisin is a dry withered grape, so you produced just a grape and let it wither? :) Seriously though, what a good verse, like our conversation today, New Year's somehow makes me feel like I have a clean slate and an somehow can look away from my failures in the last year and hope to do better this year. I hope at the end of this year we can both see our relationship with God grow and deepen.

Becky said...

:o) That's why I love chatting with you. You encourage me to do better!

Anonymous said...

"It is my heart's desire to be a wife and Mom that pleases the Lord"

Sounds like a goal to me.

Even though I'm in on this a little late, I want to mention just a few of your acomplished goals:
Home School-
You've taught your children to READ!
(You've unlocked their minds...miraculous.)

You've taught your children about God. Some have asked Him to reside permanently. That's a forever and ever and ever and ever gift.

You've taught them kindness, love, fairness.

They know what FAMILY is and they truly are dedicated to eachother.

You have not only loved lovingly, you've disciplined lovingly.

You've stayed Best Friends with your Best Friend for 12 years. You have a great marriage.

You are available day or night for friends and family. There is nothing you wouldn't do for us...and we KNOW IT.

Wait....Did I hear you actually say you produced a RAISIN last year????
These are all decisions you made, and while the job is not done...you are accomplishing EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Don't do that to yourself. With accomplishments like these what's knocking off your personal goals?A piece of cake, dood! Take time for yourself. You are worth it, ya neww???

Every day you get up and get going....doing the needful things...

This is your year girlfriend. You CAN and WILL do it. I've never known a more determined person once her mind is made up.

Like the Nike commercial...."just..........." I can't wait to see what's in store for you this year! ;)

Becky said...

Awkward. Thanks, mom :o)

Anonymous said...

Please call me anonymous...way to blow my cover!