Jan 23, 2008


"Mamma, you make my hair corly?" Annie loves going to church, and apparently tonight was a special night. I heated the rollers and set her hair. Then, we went to go eat dinner. She was sitting at the table just as proud as could be, knowing that the "new and improved Annie" would soon be emerging. The boys looked at her like she was nuts, while Emma was begging me to make her hair curly, too.

After dinner, I took her into the bathroom and carefully unraveled each roller. When the last roller was put away, I turned her around and gasped, "Oh honey! look how pretty!"

These were her thoughts....

I looked up at Joel and said, "PLEASE!!! tell the child she looks beautiful!" He bent over and said, "Honey, I love your hair. You look so pretty." And just as quick as the tears came, they were gone.


Anonymous said...

What a little faker! She reminds me so much of you at that age. You were able to turn the tears on and off like a faucet! You 've got quite the teenage years ahead of you. I showed Papa and we both got quite a good chuckle out of corly locks.
Your days are so filled with wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing them.

Anonymous said...

But seriously, Beck, sheesh! Ya went a little Miss America on her--what did you expect? I'd have cried, too, if I had that much frizz. I'd highly suggest using an appropriate styling product next time and maybe go with some more natural looking tousled waves. She's no dummy. She knows you 80's her up big time!!! ha ha

Becky said...

What are you talking about, Kris..."you would have cried, too." I pulled out your college senior picture and did her hair exactly the same. You sure weren't crying then. You were grinning from ear to ear with that fro.

Becky said...

Still trying to figure out the very last line, Mom. I'll have to call you in the morning so you can clue me in...oh! that is if I'm not being a FAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, right? My hair looked just like that!

DeAnna said...

What are those things in her hair? :) LOL Praise God He gave me girls with curly hair, I would have no equipment or knowledge of what to do. When we were in WV, Isabella was in with Meredith and was asking her what her curling iron was. We have a hair dryer, that's the extent of our hair "tools". :) And you and Kris are both on my bad list because there is nothing wrong with frizz!! Or at least there shouldn't be, some of us can't help having big hair.

Becky said...

So funny that Isabella didn't know what a curling iron was!! Let me clarify myself here on my definition of frizz.

Frizz = 80's big hair day.

Cute ringlets = cute and hip.

You, my dear friend would fall in the second category! -although there may have been a day when you were in the first with the rest of us. ;o)