Jan 18, 2008


"Let not the sun go down upon your wrath." -Ephesians 4:26 As I watch the sun set, it brings the close to a day. I am reminded in God's word not to end a day with anger in my heart. Given how many people live in this household, it can be said with assurance that someone usually gets angry in the course of our day. As a mom, it's important for me to be teaching this truth to our little ones. As a child of God, it's important to be checking myself, making sure no little roots are taking place in my own heart.


DeAnna said...

Gorgeous picture! And I get your subtle meaning, I accept your apology. :) Hope you have a great weekend! If I tried to take a sunset picture in my backyard it'd be hysterical.

Becky said...

I'm glad you caught my subtleness. As I posting this, I thought, "Man, I hope that brat DeAnna reads this!" :o)

Have a great weekend! Kiss that birthday girl for us! -and especially from you know who. :o)

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that you forgive me for the McDonald's sunglasses?

Becky said...

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Expecting me to give up my McDonald sunglasses, because some poor kid did not get a pair at MY birtthday party, let me repeat that, at MY BIRTHDAY PARTY! Seriously! Do you think you'll get out of it that easily?

I've been scarred all these years.