Jan 16, 2008

Oh Deer!

Since we've moved here, I have seen more deer this past month than I think I've seen my entire life! The usual events go like this...Joel or I will walk by the hallway window and scream "deer!" Five children and one adult go charging in the hallway, and sit EVER SO STILL on the couch. If anyone even REMOTELY talks above a whisper, they will have 6 people shushing them. Then, Matt grabs his binnoculars and we pass them around and "ooooh ahhhh" the deer until the deer notices he's being watched and high tails it outta there...funny thing I just noticed...the deer actual do raise their tail before they run, is that where that expression "high tail it outta there" came from? Ok, that was a bit of a rabbit trail. Anyway, things happened a bit differently this weekend. Little Annie, our 2 year old, was the one to walk by the hallway window yell "deeerah!" We all ignored her. She cried, "deeeraaaahhhh!" again. Finally, someone actually listened to her and said, "Woe! she's right!" So, we all assumed our positions on the couch and watched.

A few minutes later, our deer was joined by a friend. We were gasping and "oohing and ahhhhing," passing the binnoculars around like crazy. Then, a third deer came along....then a fourth. We all watched with amazement as TWO more joined those!!! Now, there were 6 deer in the backyard.

After a while, I walked into the kitchen and looked out the front window. There were three more! Two of them were babies. It was so cute! I snapped these pictures from the kitchen window. We were ducking and crawling all around the house, whispering to pass the binnoculars. We were surrounded by wild life! It was awesome!

At one point, Emma ran upstairs and got her stuffed sheep. She wanted to show the deer. I guess this was her way of saying, "I am your friend. See? I like animals." When one deer happened to turn in our directions, she squeeled, "MOMMY! He sees my sheep!!!!!" I didn't have the heart to tell her that the deer was merely wondering "What is that crazy human holding up, and why in the world would they think I even cared about stuffed sheep when I'm out here fighting for my life?!!!" Nonetheless, Emma was assured that she had made a friend.


DeAnna said...

Yet again, Emma and Isabella are cut from the same mold. Isabella today was talking about lions and giraffes (we now have these at our zoo) and she said she wanted to pet them. I tried to explain to her that she couldn't and she said "But I'm not going to hurt them, I just want to be their friend", Oh yeah, that's what I'm worried about HER hurting the animals. :)

Becky said...

Hilarious! I know our girls would be a funny little duo if we could ever get them together.

Anonymous said...

That is just adorable. I love Emma's way of trying to connect with the animal kingdom. And that lamb looks so authentic, too. I'm sure it completely fooled all of those deer.
Amazing, though. I've never seen so many up there. Do you have any idea why there were so many? Hunting season?

Becky said...

You know Emma...always trying to be "one with nature." The girl has completely lost her marbles!

Yeah, the deer are sort-of freaking me out a bit. In my professional opinion, I think they swarmed the yard because we had a real warm spell that melted all the snow. They were starving, and our yard looked real delish to them.