Oct 10, 2008

Becky's Top 10

Top 10 reasons why I haven't been faithfully posting on my blog....

1.) Church

2.) School

3.) Painting pumpkins

4.) Bird catching

(I'll give ya three chances to guess Mikey's hiding spot)

5.) Cheering at soccer games

6.) Trying to keep warm

7.) Music practice

8.) Getting rid of clothes (and ties) that are too small

9.) Cooking nutritious meals for my family

10.) Spending time with the one I love most


Krissy said...

Oh, man, she is gonna kill you for stuffing her into that little pink suit when she's a teenager. . . lol! Love it. She looks like Jo Frost from Nanny 911. =)

Trish said...

Cute post, Beck. Especially loved the cookie picture since I just enjoyed some last night! :)

K- make sure you don't miss Annie's pink sparkle shoes! They definitely make a statement in Sunday School. :) Adorable.

Alyssa said...

Such a cute post:). I love it! You have the sweetest family

Anonymous said...

hey guys you look so lovey lovey..mmmmm

DeAnna said...

Cute!!! Man, that Mikey, he's so sneaky. :) Nutritious meals -- picture of cookies?!?
They look so cute all bundled up at soccer. :)

Becky said...

There's two eggs in those cookies and
eggs = protein. There ya have it...nutritious meals.

katie said...

yummy those cookies look good