Oct 20, 2008

A Sad Day

The leaves have changed color and they are falling.

There's frost on the ground. We woke up to 27 degree weather. This can mean only one thing...

It's time to say goodbye to Grampy and Grammy. How in the world can 5 months go by so fast? It seems like we were all standing in the driveway, jumping up and down when the motor home pulled in and now, we're wiping tears as it pulls away. The Bible tells us that time goes by quickly. In fact, God says that our lives are like a vapor. I never really thought about that until Joel held up his steaming, hot cup of coffee one morning and said, "Look at that. The steam is just rising up and disappearing. That's how fast God says our life will go by." Time is precious. This summer has been precious. I'm thankful for the family that God has given me.

Emma will miss "helping Grampy work." If I couldn't find her, all I had to do was call Dad and there she was.

It was sad to say goodbye. Annie and I took a little walk together after the huge motor home pulled away. I wanted to just sit on their porch, and think about our memories.

It has been a wonderful summer, filled with blueberry picking, hide and go seek, golf cart travel, cook outs, roasting marshmellows, swimming, toast with honey and gallons upon gallons of coffee.

As Annie and I walked along, she stopped abrupty. She was frozen with fear. Finally she said, "Ahhhhhh, someone took da mota home." Apparently, Einstein missed the gigantic home on wheels that transported her grandparents out of here.

Dad and Mom, when I got to your porch, someone was already there, sticking his tongue out at me.

Yet, another thing that kept the grandchildren and Grampy busy this summer. Catching the chipmunks in the "have a heart trap", and then loading up in the golf cart to dump them at our house was great fun for all. I enjoyed watching them come down the driveway, open the trap, let the little critter out, load back up on the golf cart, and join together in singing a victory tune as they pulled away...only to have the same chipmunk run down the driveway after them. Dad, I think you caught this same chipmunk 5,438 times.

WE MISS YOU!! Christmas is only 10 weeks away, and we're already playing Christmas music.

We love you!!!! See you soon!


Trish said...

Very sweet post. I love the picture of Dad and Emma. It made me smile because I knew it was Dad from his hands. It's funny how many good things come to mind when you look at your Dad's hands. You and Mom have always taken such good care of us. We sure do love you!

mama said...

We miss you all like crazy! Such a great summer. Don't forget: capture the flag, monster tag, hoola hooping, the Hawaiian luau, blueberry muffin mornings, knitting on my porch with Mare Mare, Grampy chasing everyone in the golf cart-shooting nerfs darts at them-(LOL just thinking about that), Yankee Candle field trips, Matt teaching Grampy how to fly the FA-18, Mary's violin recital, soccer games (my boys ROCK on the soccer field!!), pedicures for all :-) fun family picnics....uh, no wonder the summer flew by. We love you all so much! Dad and I are so blessed by each one of you. Tell Emma my husband says "I Miss You!"

Alyssa said...

That was such a sweet post! You all have the sweetest family:). Thanks for sharing that!