Oct 30, 2008


Have you ever heard of the game, "Mashoonga?" ........neither did we until the Hutt family gave it to Mikey for his birthday. It comes with two spongy swords, and the goal is to hit your opponent 6 times. The game starts off with each player's forehead resting on their weapon. When they both say, "Mashoonga," they draw their swords, and it's game on! One of our children is the Mashoonga master. Can you guess which one?

Could it be our oldest and strongest child?

Or, could it be the motherly one?

Maybe the loving one?

How about old poker-face here?

Or, is it our sweet baby?

Did you figure it out?

Well, don't let ole "poker face" up there fool ya. Emma is indeed the Master of Mashoonga! When you place a sword in that girl's hand, she's out for blood. Emma said that she wanted to play against Matt, I gave him a motherly, stern look and said, "Be gentle with her." Apparently, I should have given that information to Emma. As soon as the sword was placed into Emma's hand, she transformed into the "Incredible Hulk." Her eyes bulged out with fire and her inner caged animal came out!

The bell in the boxing ring rang, and she came out with her sword waving. She immediately wacked Matt in the legs, and then in the gut, the shoulder, back to the legs, and the gut once again. She was better than Luke Skywalker with that sword!

Matt kept telling her to wait a second....

The mad woman continued until Matt was down.....but it wasn't over for her, yet! NO MERCY!

Finally, he said, "That's it! I surrender! Emma, you win!!!"

Mary was on the run 3 seconds into her match. Emma was chasing her all over the yard, while Mary was yelling, "GET AWAY FROM ME, YOU FREAK!"

Don't let this sweet, innocent face fool you!

She turns into this!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Trish said...

LOOOOOOLLLLL! Josh and I are reading this and laughing our heads off.

BTW--she came into Sunday school and showed me her blister from Ma-shoonga!!!! Ooooops. Sorry for the present!!! :)

DeAnna said...

Too funny! Love the picture of her being all sweet and angelic with the sun framing her sweet face and then her out for death picture next.

(And by the way, what a handsome picture of Matt, he looks too grown up there though.)

Becky said...

Trish, we love the present! Whenever there's a family feud, we just grab the mashoonga swords and go duke it out. :o)

DeAnna, my exact thoughts on that picture of Matt. He looks like he's ready for college in that picture. (Note to self: do not take any pictures of Matt in his church clothes, as it ages my baby by 10 years) :o) I just remembered...you came to my baby shower for him, didn't you?

DeAnna said...

I did and I had brought something in a pooh box or wrapped in a classic pooh blanket or something because I found out you were doing that and I wanted to do that for my nursery. I think that was one of the many things we started finding out we had in common. :) I came to his and then we were up there for Mary's, and then you stopped inviting me after that. How rude! :(

katie said...

WOW!!!!!!!!! I didn't know sweet little Emma could do that. :)