Feb 13, 2008

The 3 Dancing Girls

"Soooooommmmmmeday, my prince will come....Soooooommmmmeday, my prince will come......"

"And he better bring chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Much of childhood was spent dancing with my sisters and making up shows. Somewhere we have a picture of all four of us girls sitting on the porch. You can see a chalkboard in the background and it reads, "The 4 Dancing Girls." (in Tricia's handwriting, I'm sure. :o) It's one of my favorite pictures. And history repeats itself here today. The girls love to get into their dresses and twirl their way in and out of rooms. The funniest thing was when Mary was trying to teach Emma and Annie how to "curtsy." Poor little Annie doesn't have a "graceful" bone in her body. She was really just trying to get it like Mary.

And bless her heart, after about 400 curtsies, she got it! -of course, it was more of a bow, than a curtsy, but hey! she got it!


Mama said...

Where is the 4 Dancing Girls picture??? Which one of you stole? stealed? have stolen?....which one of you TOOK it?

Oh, yes...the 4 dancing girls...
Tricia-demonstrating how everything is done
Kristy-hiding behind the couch b/c some one might look at her
Annie-little round green "glas-sees" side ways, loving every minute
Becky-break dancing on the kitchen floor while singing:: "I'm so pretty, Oh, so pretty...."

Kris said...

The girls look like princesses, every last one of them. Ok, Annie might be a plus size princess, but she's gorgeous nonetheless. ;)
Mom, I believe the picture might be upstairs in those drawers stuffed full of unorganized pictures. Some day I will put those in albums for you. . . when I have a great deal of time on my hands.
I love you all. Happy Valentine's Day!

DeAnna said...

LOL!!!! Your mama is cracking me up! I bet you were still doing that in your kitchen this time too weren't ya? Love those little ballerina dresses, how sweet and that first picture of Emma is just precious. I first looked at it though and thought it was Mary. They are both way too grown up.

Becky said...

Wooo-wee, man am I sweaty from break dancing on the kitchen floor. I'll be back later to post some pics.

Mom, I really enjoyed the word, "glas-sees." -lol

trish said...

Hilarious, Beck! I have to inform everyone that not only do I remember that picture, but I could also give you the complete routine complete with everything I wanted everybody to say AND perform. It had to be perfect. I would take NOTHING less!! :) Bossy-mc-bossy-pants was I!!

Love you!

DeAnna said...

Poor Annie, I can't believe her own aunt said she was a plus size princess. :)