Feb 7, 2008


Ok, normally I don't blog so quickly after my previous post, but I was just plain old giddy about this one. As we were having lunch today, Matthew gasped and said, "AN OWL!" We all gathered around the window for another sneak peak at God's creation, and sure enough there was a white owl sitting in the snow covered pine tree. We were so excited! Matt ran for the binoculars and so begins the passing of binocs, "shushes" and whispers. I couldn't get the best shot of the owl because my camera can only zoom so far. Matt headed out with his binoculars to get a closer look. Our feathered friend was spooked and took off, leaving a large limb on the tree waving up and down. He sure was a fatty.

Here's the crazy part...that nutty bird came back about 20 minutes later! And he perched on the same branch! We were so excited, and started passing the binocs all over again! Then, I decided to get REAL fancy-shmancy with my camera. I held up the binoculars in front of the camera for a closer picture. My hands were shaking like mad and I don't think I breathed the whole time, but I got a closer picture for you.

Friends and Family, I'd like to introduce you to "Hootie."

Awwww, I think we made a friend!


Anonymous said...

In 20 years I have NEVER seen an owl up there. How awesome! Your children are getting a first hand view of God's wonderful creations. How amazing that they are seeing it so close up and personal.

And, wowzers, Beck, for using your camera in such a creative way. Impressive!

Anonymous said...

A. Mazing.

DeAnna said...

Awesome!! And what a great picture with the binoculars! If we come up, we'll probably be lucky to see a squirrel. :)