Feb 17, 2008

"Sugar and Spice" Heading to Church

I have a couple of sick children here today. So this morning, only two little girls went to church with Joel. As they were standing by the car getting ready to go to church with Daddy, I knew I had to run for the camera and share with you what I saw.

I love this picture. They look like they were sharing a little secret together. (probably about their kooky mother who was outside in her pajamas, taking their picture.)

I love having little girls. I love watching them play. I love listening to them giggle. Right now, their lives are full of dollies, tiaras, princess dresses and tea sets. I know that my time is limited being a mom of little girls. Someday, I will find that those dollies and tea sets have been replaced with lipstick and highheels. When I have days where I feel like I just didn't get anything done in the house, my husband will ask, "Did you teach our children anything about God today? That's all I care about." Time is rushing by. Each day counts for Christ, each hour counts for Him! And when you find that you are too overwhelmed to go on, remember those little eyes watching and whisper a quiet prayer, "Lord, help me to teach these little princesses how to be Godly women."


DeAnna said...

Oh they look so cute! When I first saw the picture, I said "Oh how sweet, and they have snow, and she gets to bundle her girls up in these gorgeous coats, muffs, hats.... wait, what am I thinking, thank you Lord I don't live somewhere cold, I can just imagine what my girls hair would look like after wearing a hat to church, I'd have to take the detangling spray and pick to redo their hair, we'd have to get their 20 minutes early....." I know vain, but trust me, we three curly tops don't do well after having a hat on our head. :)

trish said...


So cute! I'm so glad you posted this picture. When the girls get down to my class--their coats are already off. I didn't even get to see them with their coats on Sunday! Absolutely adorable!

P.S. They were hilarious singing special music! :) Annie bit her sleeve and Emma stood there
a lookin' pretty! (Trenton sat and went to sleep and Elly was trying to hide behind Allie.) I thought the whole place was gonna burst out laughing!