Feb 22, 2008

Monopoly and Cosmetology

The other night, we decided to sit down and play monopoly. We were having fun playing the game when Emma decided that Joel needed some attention.

So, she ran to the bathroom, and got a big round barrel brush. Then, she proceded to brush his buzzed head.

She took the enormous brush, and brushed his hair like he had a head full of dreadlocks. This was a girl with a mission!

20 minutes later! (Joel's head is raw)

She may have been hired by the opposing team to distract Joel from his mission. -It worked. Joel lost by a landslide!

One day as Emma was feeling Joel's face, she noticed his whiskers. She kept rubbing her little hands up and down his face. Finally she said, "Daddy? what are these 'scuffy sticks'?" We laughed so hard, and have affectionately adopted the word, "scuffy sticks" whenever we refer to 5 o'clock shadow of any kind.

Emma is famous for making up words. Yesterday, she wanted me to put make-up on her. I picked her up, and set her on the counter. We started with lipstick, and ended with blush. I said, "Ok, you're done." She said, "No Mommy, you forgot that," and she pointed to my mascara. She went on, "Pleeeeeeeeeeeease, can you put the, the, the, ummmm....'blinkies' on?" The word 'blinkies' made me giggle, but I didn't really understand the full meaning of why she said it until I took the mascara brush out of the tube, and held it up to her eye. With each stroke of the mascara, I caught myself saying to her,
"blink....blink....blink....blink.....blink." Thus the word, "blinkies."


trish said...


Looks like you guys are having fun! All I can say, Joel, is OUCH! You have a tougher head than I do. Tell Emma she can come do my hair. Love you guys!

Becky said...

I love having my hair combed, too. Annie and Emma are always running around with brushes, combing whoever's head gets in their way. I think you can see Annie in one of the pictures, combing Mikey's hair. :o)

Kris said...

Precious. She is really something. Well, I gotta go now and put on my blinkies. . .

trish said...

Hilarious! Allie and I just went back and saw Annie combing Mikey's hair. :) She is so funny.

trish said...

I need to put on my blinkies today, too!