Feb 11, 2008

Happy Birthday x 2

Most of you know that we have 5 children, but only 3 birthdays to celebrate. That's because our two daughters share May 14th as their birthdays, and our oldest and youngest share February 11th. It was weird enough the first time, but for it to happen again...well I guess that means we are just plain weird. I always say that the Lord knew what a forgetful mamma I am, and so He just made it easy for us to remember our children's birthdays. When Matt woke up this morning, Mikey got out of his bed, and ran over to him. He looked him up and down, and exclaimed, "WOE MATT! You are soooooooo tall!!!!" Mikey associates getting older with getting taller. As a matter of fact, just the other day I corrected him on his wrong thinking. I said, "Honey, just because you are getting older doesn't mean that you are always getting taller." He looked at me funny. I said, "Well take Grampy and Daddy for example. They are the same height, but who is OLDER?" He thought, and he thought, and he thought some more. Then his little light bulb went off in his head, and he blurted out, "DADDY!" (Congratulations, Dad! According to your grandson, he thinks his dad is 60 and you're 33.)

Our two little birthday children woke up, and a party immediately began with presents that Grampy and Grammy sent. You can see that Annie just woke up, but is all ready to go get dressed!

The hardest part about Matt and Annie sharing a birthday is finding a particular theme that would work for both of them. It's easy with the girls because we can go all pink and princessy, but with a boy and a girl who is 7 years apart...that's a little more challenging. This year, we decided on something unheard of, something unthinkable, something that I don't think anyone on this planet has ever thought of when it comes to birthdays. We went with the theme of "balloons!" :o) We hung our streamers, blew up lots of balloons. And the party began!

Glad Annie enjoyed my cake so much!

Of course it's never a party unless our cousins are here. This gang is as close as cousins can get. They just love each other!

And as quick as our day began, our day was done. It was almost like Christmas here...shopping for two, wrapping all their presents, getting the food, add in all the energy that goes into planning a party, and how quickly it's all over. How quickly our children are growing, too. I just tucked a 3 year old, and a 10 year old into bed!!! I think I agree with Mikey. He does look taller! :o) Where does the time go? Matthew is growing into a young man so quickly. Sometimes I stare at him and don't even want to blink, because I'm afraid he'll turn into a man just that quick! And my baby, well I guess I don't have a baby anymore. She is a little girl now. I have a hard time imagining her being a grown up. She's our baby! Somtimes, Joel and I have conversations and laugh at what we think each one of our children will be someday. Ultimately, all we want is to see our children grow up, and love the Lord with all their heart, and soul and mind. God has surely blessed us by entrusting these children into our care. With each birthday that comes and goes, we are reminded that time is ticking, and we are to be "redeeming the time" and "laying up treasures in heaven."

Happy Birthday, my little treasures!


Trish said...

What a fun day we had!! I can't believe how big the kids are getting either. It seems like just yesterday we were sticking Katie and Matt into high chairs having their first birthday party together. Beautiful pictures, Beck!

P.S. I finally figured out how to post. But not after I started my own blogsite by accident. That's ok, though. I blew all day trying to figure it out! It's finally done if you want to look! :)

Learn how to post said...

Welcome Trish! :o) Glad you came over to join the party!

By the way, Mom and Kris, if you click on "name" then you you can put your names in, rather than post as Anonymous. DOE! that is if you wanted to give your names...um, not mom and Kris, ummm, "Uncle Frank and Penelope."

Penelope said...

Awwwww, SO SO cute! They are getting big!

Uncle Frank said...

Awwww, nuths, do I have to be Uncle Frank?
Okaaaaay...I will.

Saw that last picture of "the treasures" and bawled like a baby...scared myself!

Looks like you had fun. One question: what'd ya do stand on the hutch to get that group shot?


Yours truly,

Becky said...

lol Uncle Frank, Penelope! It's been a while. How is it up there in Quebec?

Oh, and for the group shot, I brought a ladder up from the garage, and set it up against the beams in the kitchen. I climbed up and carefully perched on the wooden, center beam and then I....ok, ok, just pulling your leg...I stepped on the green chair and yelled, "Go, go Gadget arms." Hey! Who remembers Inspector Gadget? I loved that cartoon! (Smurfs was my all time favorite, though...followed closely by the Snorkels...lol, I didn't even know I had that tucked away in my brain!)

trish said...

Ok, I'm also learning that by not going back and checking posts, you miss an awful lot.

Who's Uncle Frank?? Who's Penelope??