Feb 27, 2008

Mikey: the great "snapping totter"

This morning, Emma was coloring with Mikey. Mikey was trying to teach her how to snap. Finally when Emma did it, she exclaimed, "MOMMY! Look! I know how to snap." I "oohed and ahhhed" her. Mikey said, "That's because I taught her." She said, "YEAH MIKE! You're a REEEEEEALLY good 'Totter.'" Mikey looked at her like she was from Mars and said, "Ut, it's teeeeeaaaacher, Emma." -Spoken by, the great "totter" himself who knows how to "speech." :o)


DeAnna said...

What a beautiful picture of Emma!!!!! She looks so grown up though. :( So pretty!!

trish said...

Incredible picture of Emma! She looks like a princess!! I just want to reach into my computer and hug her!

Kris said...

Hey, man, from one totter to another. . . Nice work, Mike. Nice work.

Mama said...

Emma looks beautiful. You take such great photos Becky!

By the way? Here's a few phrases of remembrance for you:

Your first bible memory verse:

A soft ans-sa turneth away wath,
but gwevus werds
stur up ANGA!"

"Yook at the Yaffing Yion" ring a bell?

You had a good totter though, and soon you were speeching like a normal gurl. :D