Feb 2, 2008

Vote Mikey

Mikey and I were discussing what he would like to be someday. He said that he wanted to be "that guy that lives in the White House." I said, "You mean the President?" He said, "Yeah...him....that's who I want to be." I said, "Well that's a very important job." Later that evening, we were all sitting around the dinner table. I looked at Joel and said, "Guess what, Daddy! Mikey has decided what he would like to be someday." Joel's eyebrows lifted, "Really? and what's that?" Mikey took a bite of spaghetti and very confidently (with sauce in the corners of his mouth), he said, "the president." Joel said, "Great! I'll vote for ya, buddy." Matt chimed in, "Mike! you have to be like really, really, REALLY good at speech to be that guy." Mikey shot him a look and said in disgust, "I know how to speech!"


Anonymous said...

He's got my vote, that's for sure! I'll vote for him whether he's a good public "speecher" or not. . . Cuteness goes a long way in my book (which consequently is not very good news for ANY of the presidential candidates this year. . . )

Becky said...

lol...Come on now, Hilly shines up like a new penny when she's got her makeup on.

Anonymous said...

thinking of some voting banners:

"I like Mike"
I'm thinking of the presidential banners we could print:

"quit your frowning-vote for Browning"

"if you don't vote for good ole' Mike-you can take a good ole' hike!"

"I am a real nice fella...just ask my wife, Isabella."

We can fly over greenfield and drop mikey GI Joes to inspire others to" fight for Mike"

I'll be proud to me his agent!

Becky said...

very funny, Mom! You have got talent when it comes to thinking up stuff like that. Me, on the other hand....I don't know how to speech.

DeAnna said...

What Kris?!?! Surely you're just not looking at McCain in the right light. LOL!! Mikey has my vote ---- this year! :)

Becky said...

McCain...nothing...more like McHottie!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

But I will say McCain was a little easier on the eyes back in his younger days. Awww, man, aging stinks. It's pretty bad when you look better as a prisoner of war than you do in your 70's.